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with a drone!

No more ladders, no more climbing, all you need is a drone and our dedicated software for roof surveys! In just minutes with a drone and special software, you can get highly detailed images, pinpoint elements, measure distances, calculate areas (including dimension walls or roofs), and share your drone data with your team and clients.

Roof inspections can be a crucial measure in saving you money in the long term by spotting potential problems early, whether you are inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing or one that you already own.

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Want to inspect a roof 5 times faster?

Rooftops are a critical part of building infrastructure and must be monitored carefully. Automatically collect high resolution imagery and generate comprehensive reports much faster than traditional methods.

UAVs provide a flexible solution for high and low level aerial inspections. We can give you the ability to view footage in real time and steer the camera to points of interest. Alternatively we can work in partnership with your nominated surveyor. Images can be supplied in JPG or RAW formats, allowing faults or areas of concern to be more easily highlighted.

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Live Inspection Example

Automated flight paths are created with detailed GPS information and other specifics to help obtain the data you need. The drone will fly autonomously along and take photos automatically at any given height required. We can go lower than what's seen in the video when needed. After the automation is done, we will manually fly in even closer to get pinpoint detail of specific areas.

Safe, reliable and fast!

Traditional inspection techniques such as scaffolding, ladders and cherry-pickers inevitably involve people working at height, which always comes with risk and take time. With all of this in mind, drone surveys are now much more sought for service and provide crystal clear 4K data for you and your team.

Our newly-added Photomap function helps us efficiently create aerial photograph-based maps. After we complete an aerial photography mission in the desired area and import the photos into GS Pro, the software will automatically create a composite photo of the area that we can adjust as needed.

Scaffolding or hiring elevated platforms can seem to incur more expense and disruption than the benefit that they provide.  Luckily, drone roof inspections can provide a faster, cheaper and simpler solution to your roof inspection needs.

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