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We love teaming up with film producers and directors to help supply aerial video for their projects. This can be from small indie filmmakers to high-end TV productions. Our team has extensive onset experience and knowledge on how the TV & Film world operates, to this end we're passionate and able to get the shots our clients desire.

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Whether you are looking to start a new production, add modern video content to a current project, reinforce your brand with engaging videos, or reach your target audience with an exciting product or concept video, our footage will captivate and move your audience, your company, and move the needle. Our team at Drone Motion takes great pride in our ability to adjust our approach to each client’s brand and unique vision to produce an exceptional video that will successfully represent their brand and achieve all objectives.

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Filming scenes with a drone lets us capture breathtaking aerial shots that add visual excitement to your video. The perspective of a drone – whether a high, wide angle aerial or a closer, more intimate shot – provides a sense of motion and grandeur that was previously limited to large budget projects that could include very expensive helicopter shots.

The relatively low prices of drones means more people are flying. But, a simple affordable way to get into flying doesn't replace the amazing precision and technique that the best film pilots have. Even for the right type of person, years of experience are needed working on productions with aircraft to fine-tune the skills and attitude necessary to take production flying seriously. The pilot is only half of the equation though. Our network of award-winning cinematographers and aerial camera operators perfectly complements any of our film pilots for your production needs.

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